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I cannot believe that it is almost a fortnight since we headed out to Germany, the weeks of careful planning and organisation culminated in what i consider to be a resounding success.

The Coach company were excellent ,and did everything they promised to do, and provided us with a great driver in Gordon, who not only now has "turned to the darkside" but has also become one of my friends. I do not think we could have asked for anyone better, not only as an extremely competent and safe driver, but with the fun loving character to go with it.

While organising the trip was not easy, it was certainly helped in no small way by all of the participants, who

1. Paid when asked
2. Followed instructions when required
3. Put up with the few niggles that occured on the way

Also a said on the return thanks also to Alan, Markus and Heather for sorting the tickets, and Ian for his "special" sales technique, matched on only one occasion by myself when rather drunk at Morrisons in Leipzig ( really sorry Sel!!!! but glad you came)

Mera Luna this year for me was very special, not only did we achieve what we set out to do, but it was the first time that Tracey has come along, and she really enjoyed the festival, which was a real bonus!!

Music:- well highlights for me have got to be FoTn,  Epica and VNV nation, all of which i enjoyed greatly, 

suprise find of the weekend, was Cinema Strange, i was not sure if i would like them, but found them very good indeed.

So what about Mera Luna 2009?

Well if people were happy ( and based on the amount of thanks i have received both verbally and on LJ  i am sure most people were!)

The Bus of Doom  (or Buses!!!) will ride again next year!

I may also consider running trips to other festivals if demand is sufficient

Looking forward to 2009

Dreadful Goth Tours!

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